SETS Tankless Water Heaters - Technical support does not return calls after unit failed.

Raritan, New Jersey 1 comment

Hubbell, the manufacturer of the SETS tankless water heater advertises that it will provide technical support to its customers within 24 hours.The unit I purchased has always had trouble maintaining a constant temperature, but a few weeks ago it stopped working altogether, so I contacted technical support.

After a week I received an email that the technician was on vacation and would contact me the following week.

Two more weeks passed and no one from the company has returned my requests for assistance.

I would stay away from all Hubbell products.Their products are poor quality and their technical support is non existent.

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I have had this s.e.t.s heater about 10 years and for that time I have been burned and frozen at different times. It has finally quite. I will replace it with another brand.


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Tankless water heaters are dangerous and cannot be used in the South with elderly, or with children.This type heater must be run full blast with a high water pressure rate, in order to ignite burner and keep it running.

Cannot get gently warm water, only Cold or extremely hot. Also a waste of money running water until heater finally ignites, heats water, and sends it down to burn you. Dangerous use with elderly, small children, and most women, because their skin cannot withstand hot water.

Southern folks often like barely warm showers during the hot summers, it is impossible have them with tankless heaters; their burner turn off whenever the water is not on full blast.Ends up being an expensive and dangerous waste of money.

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SETS Tankless Water Heaters - S.E.T.S. Tankless Water Heaters SUCK!

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I purchased a SETS model 280 after being impressed by their web claims of helping 911 responders and their affiliation with NASA.It was comparable in price with other well know companies, "built in the USA", and I wanted to give them a chance.

Big mistake! Not only does it NOT produce the advertised constant flow of a constant water temperature, it burned me and my credit card. The company flat out refused to do anything other that give me the run around and feed me lame excuses as to why it doesn't work. I wasted over $2000 getting their water heater professionally hooked up, over $700 on the unit itself, and hours trying to get any help out of these clowns.

Read the fine print on the bottom of their page, NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON, they say that for a good reason, they know what I know now. Look at how many different websites they advertise under, read the other reviews they don't post of these sites, do your homework.

Whatever you do, DON'T BUY A SETS!!!!!IT SUCKS

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Galena, Missouri, United States #4411

Go with a company with over 23 years of manufacturing expirance. Take a look at a Titan Electronic Tankless Water Heater. GO to

Cotuit, Massachusetts, United States #3048

I really appreciate the info. I felt the same way... but I was thinking about the Bosch PowerStar AE125..

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